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PowerXL Kitchen Appliances | Air Fryers, Juicers and Grills

Looking to make your life a little less complicated and save time to take care of yourself or your family? PowerXL presents you with efficient kitchen appliances to make your everyday cooking easier. The powerful solutions are available online at TSC - with only a few steps, you get the product delivered to your home. Shop from multiple air fryer models, including ovens and grills, to high-performance blenders, juicers and indoor electric grills. PowerXL’s small appliances are the functional experts you need while keeping busy with the most important things in your life. PowerXL is a premium brand owned by Tristar Products, Inc., founded by award-winning entrepreneur Keith Mirchandani. With innovative solutions, the brand has the mission to simplify your daily routine, making tasks faster, more simple and efficient. By always seeking excellence in technology, quality and performance, the company makes its products stand out in the market. The indoor grill and air fryers by PowerXL were recognized as the number 1 best-selling products in the U.S. in 2019. Meet the solutions endorsed by chef Eric Theiss that will transform your meal preparations! The best selling PowerXL Air Fryers, available in over 20 different styles, offer you all the benefits of oil-free frying. Take your indoor grilling to the next level with PowerXL Smokeless Grills and cook your favourite meats and vegetables to perfection. Enjoy the ease-to-use Self-Cleaning Juicer and its versatility to create your blends of healthy raw juice day after day. Check the PowerXL brand page at TSC for more! About Eric Theiss Eric Theiss is an American chef, culinary expert, entrepreneur and cookbook author from New Jersey. Influenced by his Italian mother, who gave him his first cookbook, Eric discovered his culinary passion. During his early twenties, he met the acclaimed chef Frank Falcinelli in The Culinary Renaissance's kitchen. The chef presented to Eric a whole new world of culinary passion that inspired him. Later, in 1997, he opened his first dining restaurant and bar called Meritager in West Chester, PA, which got great praises from food critics. After the success with the restaurant, Eric moved on to the culinary broadcast. As a TV personality, he still uses his experience as a chef to promote a variety of kitchen brands.