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What it is: 
The world’s most revolutionary power masks, UFO™ mini 2 has been re-engineered with ultra-fast thermo-therapy and an even wider spectrum of LED light to give you superior skin in only 90 seconds! Featuring advanced Hyper-Infusion Technology, UFO™ mini 2 enhances the benefits of UFO™ Power Activated Masks with a combination of Thermo-Therapy, & T-Sonic™ pulsations. Further equipped with eight different LED lights, UFO™ mini 2 helps you unmask a refined, radiant complexion for out-of-this-world skin. 

The LUNA mini 2 marks a revolution in facial cleansing, combining Foreo’s ground-breaking T-Sonic pulsations with an innovative silicone brush designed for a deeper and gentler cleanse.  When channeled through smooth, silicone touch-points, T-Sonic massaging pulsations remove blemish-causing impurities significantly more effectively than washing by hand, leaving skin clearer and brighter.  Deep cleansing unblocks pores and reduces their appearance, refining and smoothing your skin’s texture. 

MicroFoam Cleanser is a creamy cleanser that transforms into delicate micro-bubbles that lift away impurities from deep within pores to gently purify Skin. Formulated with skin replenishing amino acids and vitamin E, this soothing cleanser helps retain moisture, while skin is left soft and healthy-looking. 

• Battery: Li-ion 1200mAh 3.7V
• Up to 40 uses per 2.5 hour electrical charge

AcaiBerry Farm to Face Mask for UFO Mini 2 is a 2two-minute natural and plant based hydrating mask with premium ingredients sourced from around the globe, made exclusively to be used with Foreo's UFO device. Thermo-Therapy and red LED light perfectly prep the skin to absorb the full benefits of the mask. As the nourishing formula melts into skin, high frequency T-Sonic pulsations enhance absorption. At the same time, red led helps revitalize skin's appearance. While pulsations and heat gradually decrease, green LED helps to improve uneven skin tone, leaving skin with a healthy radiant glow. A lightweight, milky formula of fruity freshness with a scent as lush as the tropical origins of the acai berry from Brazil.

Who it is for: 
For women and Men ages 25-35 who want an indulgent yet expedient masking experience, UFO is the smart mask solution that combines UFO-activated masks with hyper-infusion technology (heating & T-Sonic pulsations) and LED light therapy for a professional-level treatment at home. 

Unlike traditional sheet masks, UFO mini 2 offers superior results in only 90 seconds.

What it does:

UFO Mini:
Featuring enhanced Hyper-Infusion Technology, UFO mini integrates Thermo-Therapy and Cryo-Therapy to push mask essence deep below skin’s surface and lock in moisture while helping to reduce the appearance of pores. Full-spectrum LED light therapy helps rejuvenate skin to unmask a refined, radiant complexion. 

Hyper-Infusion technology provides heating that helps with product absorption; enhances the penetration of skincare ingredients, aides in maintaining skin health as it increases the circulation of blood, ushering along proteins and nutrients to take away waste. Cooling causes blood vessels in the skin to constrict, making appearance of pores smaller and skin less puffy, lifts and tones the skin. T-Sonic Pulsations help light diffuse deeper into pores for increased effectiveness, stimulates blood microcirculation, facilitating skin renewal, provides soothing facial massage, and facilitates better absorption of products.

Red, Green, and Blue Light Therapy: Red Light (Wavelength of 620-750 nm) helps to increase production of collagen and fibroblasts, increase circulation and formation of new capillaries to bring a healthy glow to skin, helps stimulate tissue healing and repair. Green Light (Wavelength 495-570nm) helps improve pigmentation issues from causes such as sun damage, reveals a brighter more even complexion. Blue Light (Wavelengths of 400-495nm) helps kills acne-causing bacteria (P. acnes) which can cause inflammation. It also stimulates blood flow, astringes and tightens loose skin. 

Luna Muni:
Features thinner touch-points to gently cleanse sensitive or normal skin, thicker touch-points for precision cleansing on the front, and broad touch-points to refresh oilier skin on the back.
• 50% larger brush head covers more area for more efficient cleansing
• 26% longer touch-points are gentler on the skin and improve reach so no area is left un-cleansed
• Eight adjustable pulsation intensities for more customized cleansing
• Up to 300 uses per each full USB charge; this amounts to five months of use
• No replacement brushes required Thicker silicone:
• 36% thicker silicone for a plusher, smoother and softer body that feels wonderful to hold and use
• Better diffusion of T-Sonic pulsations for enhanced results: up to 8,000 T-Sonic (transdermal sonic) pulsations per minute are directed through soft silicone touch-points—from a motor that’s double the power—for even deeper cleansing, helping to lift away 99.5 percent of dirt and oil plus makeup residue. Dead skin cells are also removed, helping to diminish the appearance of pores and improving the absorption of favourite skincare products. Skin can be left looking radiant with a refined texture!

Removes everyday impurities like dirt and excess sebum to help keep skin clean and balanced. Hydrating Amino Acids help replenish moisture while antioxidant-rich vitamin E helps protect skin to maintain a healthy-looking complexion. It also transforms from a delicate cream into a light, yet indulgent foam for an effective facial cleans leaving skin feeling soft, supple, and healthy. 

The Luna Play Plus, when combined with micro-foam cleanser cleans the skin and pores seven times more effectively by directing 8000 sonic pulses per minute into the skins top layers to help remove impurities, excess oil, and dead skin cells. Once removed, the Luna Play Plus' action helps enhance skincare product absorption, refines texture, and evens out complexion, leaving a completely refreshed and brightened appearance.  Cleanser Foam also combines seamlessly with T-Sonic pulsations of our Luna device. T-Sonic pulsations from our Luna device stimulate active ingredients so they infuse deeper into skin for maximum absorption and efficacy.

Thermo-Therapy and revitalizing red LED light prep the skin to absorb the full benefits of the mask. With the addition of soothing T-Sonic pulsations & cryo-therapy, this refreshing facial massage ensures maximum absorption of hydrating ingredients. T-Sonic pulsations are reduced to a soothing low frequency while green LED light helps to even skin tone. 

With the breakthrough mask material, hydrocell is an ultra-smooth, gauze-like material fabric spun from natural seaweed and cotton cellulose. Highly absorbent, supersaturated mask rounds deliver maximum essence to skin. Ultra thin for minimal friction against delicate skin. Ultra gentle so that when wet, develops a gel like cushion that can hardly be felt as it glides across skin. Made with 100% plant fibers that naturally decompose making mask biodegradable and eco-friendly.

What is included: 
• Foreo Luna Mini 2 - Pearl Pink—valued at $175.00
• Foreo UFO Mini 2 - Mint—valued at $219.00
• Foreo Micro-Foam Cleanser (20ml)—valued at $12.90
• Foreo Farm to Face-Acai Berry UFO Power-Activated Masks—valued at $28.99

*As offered for sale separately 
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