Pants and Shorts - We've Got You Covered!

While a stylish top can generally be the centre of every great outfit, a perfect pair of pants completes it. Whatever you're looking for, no matter how casual or elegant, TSC has got you covered with an incredible selection of pants and shorts, and always at great prices, too! We all have our preferences in terms of what style we like the most: simple form fitting leggings, wide cut, ankle cut, boot cut...the stunning sophistication of a great pair of culottes, or the homey comfort of your favourite stretch pants. Regardless what you prefer the most, and what best says 'you', TSC has everything you're looking for. Stylish, fashion-forward, and available in almost endless variety, we'll help you look your incredible best for every situation and occasion. Whether it's for a casual weekend at home, a jaunty evening out with friends, or a go-go day at the office, we've got those pieces that will complete your look with style and ease, and mindful of every Canadian season, too! You needn't compromise warmth for looking your best during our challenging winters, and you are sure to find something equally whimsical and on-point for both autumn and spring. For those well-earned vacations in the sun- it doesn't matter if it's abroad somewhere tropical, or in your own backyard at summer- TSC also has a fine selection of shorts to help keep you feeling and looking cool, too! Not only do we have a fantastic range of pants and shorts available for every taste, in every colour and size, but made by all your favourite designers from their most recent collections, too (some of which are entirely exclusive to TSC!). Never miss a trend and guarantee your best look, with the extensive selection of pants and shorts available to you here at TSC!