Franco Sarto

Franco Sarto shoes for women

Crafted to reflect the timeless charm and elegance of Italian heritage, Franco Sarto shoes for women exemplify “a kind of classic designed to be worn, designed to be loved and lived in.” Inspired by simplicity and driven by the sincerity to create sustainable, high-quality footwear, Franco Sarto’s striking yet simple collection of boots, loafers, sandals, heels, and more effortlessly radiate the inspiration and passion behind each design. Shop the collection online today at TSC. History of Franco Sarto Born in a small town outside of Venice, Italy, in 1914, Franco Sarto’s undeniable passion for shoes was evident during his childhood. At 14, he spent most of his days working in a shoe factory as a cobbler. By the time he reached his early twenties, he was set on the notion that his life’s purpose was to design shoes. With this determined passion, Sarto moved to Stra, Italy, where he joined forces with another designer and set his dreams into motion when he opened up his own design studio. In 1990, Franco Sarto introduced the first of his carefully hand-crafted collection of shoes to America. Franco is described to have set the standard in this realm with his understanding that the most timeless objects are simultaneously artful and useful. Today, Sarto’s legacy is carried on by creative visionary Gionata Pagni, with a simple design philosophy: the belief that “timelessness is everything and intentional design is equal parts shoe, the woman who wears it, and the world she wears it in.” Pagni attributes his passion for the craft of shoemaking to Sarto. Each of the brand’s beautiful designs exudes art, form, sculpture, and purpose. At TSC, we’re proud to offer you the timeless creations by Franco Sarto. Whether it be a classic pair of leather ankle booties for fall or sophisticated wedges for summer, you’ll discover designs to be loved – and lived in.